Other Resources

Aside from my blog, there are a growing number of resources and sites dedicated to Tak.

Here is a short list of some of the links and resources I would recommend:

  • playtak.com
    • This site is the best place on-line to play tak, meet other tak players, and simply chat about tak. The site is continually being improved upon and the code behind it is open source.
  • PTN viewer
    • Currently, this is one of the better resources that allows one to load a given PTN and step through the game. 
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/tak
    • This is really the main hub for the online Tak community. Any resources not mentioned here would likely be found in this sub-reddit.
  • Let's Play Tak
    • This is a new Tak blog that promises its own discussions about strategy and game analysis. 
  • Tak Traveler
    • This is a blog by Turing, the champion of the Tak Strategy Summer Invitational Tournament (2016).
  • Tak Strategy
    • This is a youtube channel which has covered a few basic Tak ideas and is currently working to host an invitational tournament.